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Now's the Time to Become an Entrepreneur

Now's the Time to Become an Entrepreneur

Now's the Time to Become an Entrepreneur

You’re never too old to become an entrepreneur.

The 21st-century image of the 25-year-old tech wizard creating a disruptive startup and becoming a billionaire is largely a fiction.

The data is clear—entrepreneurs find their greatest success at age 45.¹

Some entrepreneurs start even later. Ray Kroc was a 52-year-old salesman for milkshake makers when he discovered a local restaurant. The owners? Richard and Maurice McDonald. He was almost 60 years old by the time he bought the restaurant chain outright.

If Kroc wasn’t too old to become an entrepreneur, neither are you.

So no matter your age, your previous career, or your current circumstances, it’s never too late to make the move.

Only one question remains—what’s holding you back?

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